5 Golden Rules of Good Office Etiquette

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Published: 11th May 2010
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JobsDB.com recently spoke to Agnes Koh, Director of Etiquette & Image International. Agnes shared with us some valuable advice on the importance of good office etiquette and what are some ways to practice it.

Agnes is an enthusiastic and charismatic trainer with expertise in individual and corporate impression management. Her work is centered on influencing professional ethical changes to organizations. Her key areas of guidance include essential business etiquette skills, personal confidence, poised demeanor, non verbal communications, social, dining etiquette and protocols.

Recognized for her tenacity and perseverance, she is a proud recipient of "Singapore Today Commemorative Magazine Successful Entrepreneur 2009 Gold Award".

Agnes, why is practicing good office etiquette important?

We need to conduct ourselves in a professional and genuine manner in the workplace so that our managers, colleagues and clients will respect us. Although working life can be very stressful at times, it's important that we do our best to be in control of our emotions and not get too worked up. This is because showing our anger and venting out our frustration inappropriately in the office leaves a very bad impression and makes everyone feel uncomfortable too.

That's why it is good to cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness, so that we are able to master our emotions better. For myself, I practice and teach Yoga as I find it very useful in helping me cultivate my self-awareness and be in control of my emotions.

What are some ways to practice good office etiquette?

1. Don't talk about any health issues that you face as it could negatively affect your promotion chances. The only person you should share about any health problems if it will affect your work is the HR Manager.

2. Avoid gossip and do not talk about your colleagues behind their back as this can create conflict and is not good for your reputation - only share what is meant for sharing.

3. Avoid talking about your holidays and non-work related things during office hours. Personal sharing is ok during after work drinks or during office recreation activities though.

4. Don't offer unsolicited advice to your colleagues as it's best to stay out of people's personal lives.

5. Be aware of what you post on your social networks - facebook and blogs are fine, but you should be aware of the things you write and the photos you upload (avoid work topics), as they could have and adverse effect on your career.

Mark Lim T.T. is a web editor/content writer at JobsDB Singapore. Get to know more of the 5 Golden Rules of Good Office Etiquette as Agnes Koh shares more of some valuable advice on the importance of good office etiquette.

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